Algemene Voorwaarden

Algemene Voorwaarden

I. Who we are

GoEuro (“we”) offers a publicly accessible Internet-based platform which is operated in different languages ​​and via websites with various country specific domains on the internet (e.g.,, or and on mobile apps. The operator and responsible entity in terms of the data protection legislation is GoEuro Corp., registered in Delaware, USA, under No 4973690. GoEur Corp. has its operative headquarters in Berlin.

Our service is the identification, comparison and intermediation of transportation, accommodation and related services, e.g., tickets for flights, train rides, bus tours and car rentals, etc. In addition, we offer a direct ticket booking service through our website and mobile apps for selected ticket types and operators.

GoEuro is independent. We do not provide transportation, travel or logistics services, we do not own or control any travel or tour operators, and we are not controlled by any provider of individual travel products.

II. Content of these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern – together with our privacy policy - the use of the service on our websites and mobile apps. They are the basis for the contractual relationship between GoEuro and its users. You state your consent with these Terms and Conditions by using the service, e.g., through queries or by using the results made ​​available by us, e.g., links, data, materials, information or other services. If you do not agree with these Terms, or object to a single clause of these Terms, please refrain from the use of our services.

These terms and conditions apply for the use of our websites and apps and solely govern our own service: The identification of travel options by means of our search engine and the intermediation to third-party booking sites. And also our service when we offer you direct booking on our website (for selected ticket types and operators).

Our terms and conditions do, however, not apply to the conditions under which the mediated transports or travels are carried out, therefore the terms and conditions of the relevant travel provider or operator apply. Our terms and conditions also do not apply to the conditions under which you book the tickets on a third-party booking site, even if we have referred you to this site. In this case, the respective terms and conditions of the provider of such booking sites do apply.

III. This is the GoEuro Service

The Service is intended to provide you with all the necessary information to help you plan your trips to and within Europe better and simpler and also help you to compare the travel options.

1. Search engine + comparison platform for travel options
GoEuro shows you various travel options, which we identify for you, based on your preferences and needs.GoEuro aggregates and displays available travel options across multiple modes of travel (plane, train, bus and rental car) between the majority of cities in Europe in a simple and easy way. We arrange the results of your query by means of travel time and cost without any claim to completeness or accuracy. You then have the opportunity to compare these travel options upon duration, prices or other aspects. The list of the results of the query and its respective display or order does not endorse or even advertise for any travel option or a specific provider.

2. Booking via third-party services
On the result pages we offer a direct link to forward you to the booking pages of the respective providers. On their booking sites you can buy the appropriate tickets and make reservations.

The contract for the booked travel products (bookings and reservations) will solely be concluded between you and the relevant provider. Only the terms and conditions of the respective provider apply. Payment for such travel products will then processed solely by the provider via their respective payment system. Cancellations or change requests for such bookings must be conducted directly with those third-party providers.

3. Booking with GoEuro

For selected travel service providers and certain listings, we offer secure online booking options on our service sites. In these cases, you will not be forwarded to a third-party booking page. If you make a booking via our GoEuro booking page, this booking will be processed by GoEuro Travel GmbH, a subsidiary of GoEuro Corp. with headquarters in Berlin (Schönhauser Allee 180, 10119 Berlin) in the name and on behalf of GoEuro Corp. Unless you are booking routes by French providers with us, in which case the bookings will be processed by GoEuro Voyages SAS (29-31 Rue des Entrepreneurs, 78420 Carrières Sur Seine, France). GoEuro Voyages SAS is a subsidiary of GoEuro Travel GmbH. The terms "GoEuro" and "we" in respect to these terms and conditions refer therefore also to GoEuro Travel GmbH and GoEuro Voyages SAS.

We will ask you for the name and email address of the traveler and your payment details (handled by an external payment service provider). We will then transmit the received booking details and your payment to the relevant travel provider. Such ticket sales are carried out by us in the name and on behalf of the relevant travel provider.

By clicking the button "Book now" located on the bottom of our booking sites, you offer us to enter into a contract for the mediation of the respective transport and travel. The contract with GoEuro is deemed concluded, if you receive the booking confirmation by e-mail. You will receive, along with an invoice, all necessary travel documents with the e-mail confirmation. Usually, these are printable tickets of each travel provider as a PDF file or in another standard electronic format (i.e. mobile tickets with QR codes). In some cases and for certain connections, you will receive a booking code or ticket voucher, which you must redeem at the station (at a vending counter or a ticket vending machine) before departure.

We ask you to check the information on your travel documents immediately upon receipt. Any incorrect information should be reported to us immediately in order to allow correction of the documents. The operator for trips booked with us, is the respective third party operator (i.e. railway company, Airline). GoEuro may charge an additional booking fee for its services, in which case you will be notified before you complete the booking. The booking fee is non-refundable. There may be additional fees charged by the respective travel provider.

The travel products bookable via GoEuro, can only be booked with the payment options indicated in each case. By booking with a credit card, you express your authorization for our selected Payment Service Provider's to collect the respective travel price including the specified service charge via this credit card on behalf of the third party operator. If you (if applicable) select PayPal or online bank transfer as payment, the payment will be processed by yourself.

In case you cancel your travel and withdraw from the contract, the costs incurred vary according to terms and conditions of the third-party providers. Cancellation and withdrawal must be declared towards the relevant third-party provider. In case you declare the cancellation or withdrawal towards GoEuro, a transfer of the cancellation to the relevant third-party can be provided only if this cancellation is expressed in writing (via email, fax or letter) and includes the relevant booking or reservation number. For selected travel operators only, we alternatively also offer a direct cancellation via our website.

We are not responsible for the availability of the travel product at the time of booking or for the performance of the booked travel product by the third party.

Using your GoEuro Coupon - Terms & Conditions

4. Registration with GoEuro
It is scheduled that users can register on the service pages of GoEuro. When you register as a user on our website, you can create a personalized user profile and save your searches, your previous trips, your popular tracks as well as the details of your discount cards (e.g. rail card, credit card information, currency). The registry is intended to optimize the use of GoEuro even further. Access to your personal profile is obtained by entering the self-chosen user name and password. The information stored in regard to credit and discount cards information, your bookings and personal data, will of course used only in full compliance of our privacy policy.

IV. Exclusion of Liabilty

We strive to ensure the accuracy of the information given and displayed on our service sites. For information on the details of trips and travel arrangements, we rely on the information given to us by the respective travel organizers and providers. We do not have the opportunities to fully review and evaluate each information collected and presented in regard to their accuracy. Please check the provided individual travel information by verifying it directly on the websites and booking pages of the respective travel provider.

We cannot give any guarantees, warranties or representations to our users as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of such information provided by any third party. For the same reasons, we are not responsible for the availability of the tour and travel arrangements at the time of booking with any third party or for actual and faultless performance or execution of the booked travels or connections from third parties. Neither we nor our partners may give any representations or warranties regarding the information, products, services or software provided on our service pages or contained, particularly with regard to fitness for a particular purpose - unless such purpose have been expressly declared individually to us by a user.

We are not liable for any failure or damage of the line network, which we have no control over. We always strive to ensure an error-free and uninterrupted operation of our technical bid. But we cannot accept responsibility or liability for the uninterrupted, timely and continuous accessibility and usability of our services, this applies in particular to technical delays and failures and any resulting damage.

V. Limitation of Liabilty

Our liability and that of our employees, legal representatives or vicarious agents is limited to intent and gross negligence, unless there are significant contractual obligations injured on our part ("cardinal obligations"). We are liable for slight negligence only for typical and foreseeable damage and limited to the maximum of the booking amount mediated or directly carried out by GoEuro, which refers to the alleged claim. These limitations of liability do not apply, as far as claims under the Product Liability Act or other statutory guarantee liability is asserted. The limitations of liability shall also not apply when the damage in question is death or a harm of health. Compensation claims against us shall become time-barred within twelve months after its creation, unless they are based on an intentional act. You will keep GoEuro and his agents free from any and all claims of third parties, including the costs of reasonable legal prosecution and defense, that we or our agents should be held accountable for by a third party for a culpable conduct on your part, especially of a culpable breach of these terms and conditions.

VI. Protection of your Privacy

Your personal information is secured by us - with the present state of technology. We are not liable for any deterioration or misuse of this data by third parties, unless such an abuse was avoidable with the appropriate measures of data protection. The use of our services and the information that you provide to us for such use are subject to our privacy policy. By using our webites and / or the mobile apps, you agree to the use of your data in accordance with our privacy policy.

VII. Amendment of these Terms and Conditions

Our service range will constantly keep expanding in the future. Therefore, we reserve the right to modify and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be communicated to users (on our services pages) at least 10 days before the change or new Terms and Conditions become effective. By your continued use of our services beyond the designated day, you accept the changes or the new Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the changes or with a particular clause, we ask that you to cease the use of our services no later than the date of effectiveness of those changes.

VIII. Third-party Services

Our websites and the mobile apps contain links to other websites that we do not operate or control and for which we are not responsible. We do not endorse the contents of these other websites and are not responsible for the legality or function of their contents. Thus, we are not liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of these sites. We recommend you to read the Terms and Conditions of other (linked) websites carefully.

GoEuro is not a provider or a contractor of those mediated tours and travel connections, which are provided by a third party and sold on third party websites. GoEuro is not involved in the presentation or the descriptions of these trips or travel connections and therefore has no responsibility for the content of these offers or the concluded contracts (and resulting claims) between the user and the third party.

IX. Contact / notifications

If you believe that any content on our service sites is infringing, especially to the intellectual property of others (or you), you should inform us about it as soon as possible.

GoEuro Corp.
Schönhauser Allee 180
10119 Berlin
[email protected]

We also welcome your feedback, criticism, suggestions and praise. Help us to improve the service for our users. Write to us at: feedback[email protected] By submitting your feedback you grant to us the right to use this feedback free of charge for commercial purposes and to share with others. Of course, this is done in compliance with our privacy policy.

X. Dispute Resolution Online

If you have a problem with GoEuro or a third-party provider regarding a product or service you booked or bought, you may choose to settle the dispute through an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) procedure, created by the EU-Commission. As such procedures are an alternative to resolving disputes before a court they are called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). They are carried out online.

You may reach the ODR platform and state your requests or dispute here:

XI. Miscellaneous

Some functions and features which are already represented in these Terms and Conditions, may not yet covered by our service or will be introduced gradually by us. This also means that we change the service, websites and mobile apps and continually improve and therefore, can not guarantee for a 100% stability of the website and the mobile apps. Under certain circumstances, it may sometimes even come to overloads in the operation of the services or misrepresentations of the content.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions prove to be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions or our contract with the user is not affected. Instead of the invalid Terms or Conditions a valid provision shall be replaced, that most closely approximates the economic purpose of the invalid provision. This also applies to the case of a loophole.

GoEuro Corp. is registered in the Commercial Register of Delaware, USA under No. 4973690
GoEuro Travel GmbH is registered at AG Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 138345
GoEuro Voyages SAS, Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés: Paris 810 351 437

Mailing address:
GoEuro Corp.
Schönhauser Allee 180
10119 Berlin
[email protected]

Date: April 2016